Chinese Education- Bachelor of Science in Education

This program offers students the opportunity to study the theory and practice of teaching the Chinese language while simultaneously studying the language, literature, and culture of the Chinese-speaking world. Critically oriented pedagogical courses complement the Chinese literature and culture courses that explore the diversity of the Chinese-speaking world. Chinese Education students participate in a study abroad experience to gain linguistic and cultural understandings.  The university offers a number of study abroad programs which provide students with linguistic  and cultural knowledge, competencies and skills essential to be a 21st century teacher.


Program Requirements

Foreign Language Education Core
Select the following:
EDP 201Human Development and Learning in Social and Educational Contexts3
EDL 204Sociocultural Studies in Education3
EDP 256Psychology of the Exceptional Learner3
TCE 191Threshold Concepts of Teaching, Curriculum, and Educational Inquiry3
TCE 420FTeaching Foreign Language (FL): Elementary School Practicum3
Fall field block courses - take all three concurrently:
EDP 301AAssessment and Evaluation in Educational Settings3
TCE 444Language Teaching and Learning I3
TCE 454TESOL in PK-12: Instructional Theory & Practice3
Spring field block courses - take all three concurrently:
TCE 421AClassroom Cultures, Community, and Climate3
TCE 445Language Teaching and Learning II3
TCE 446LReading in the Foreign Language3
Supervised teaching semester:
TCE 419ATeaching Internship- Adolescent15
Chinese Education Courses
Required courses (select 12 hours) 112
Second Year Chinese
and Second Year Chinese
Third Year Chinese
and Third Year Chinese
CHI 311
& CHI 312
Business Chinese
Chinese Verbal Theatre Performance
Select the following:
CHI 401Fourth Year Chinese I3
Selected Courses 2
Select 9 semester hours of the following:9
Traditional Chinese Literature in English Translation
Modern Chinese Literature in English Translation
Three Kingdoms
Modern Chinese Autobiography
Drama In China/Japan:Eng Trans
Chinese Satire
Chinese Cinema and Culture
Chinese Culture Live
Fourth Year Chinese II
Independent Reading for Departmental Honors
Related Hours
Select 12 semester hours of the following, including at least one course from the China group:12
Chinese Painting History
Cross-cultural Examination of the United States and China within an Educational Context
Chinese Education through Culture, Customs, History, and Development
Modern Chinese History
Modern Japanese History
Japanese Tales of the Supernatural in English Translation
Drama In China/Japan:Eng Trans
Topics in Japanese Literature in English Translation
Survey of Japanese Cinema
Introduction to Japanese Linguistics
Fourth Year Japanese
East Asia:
East Asian Art
Modern & Contemporary East Asian Art
The Rise of Industrialism in East Asia
Geography of East Asia
Geography of the Silk Road (The Heart of Asia)
Eurasian Nomads and History
Introduction to Buddhism
Introduction to Linguistics
Total Credit Hours84

These Required courses may be used in Selected or Related hours if not used as Required courses.


These Selected courses may be used in Related hours if not used as Selected courses.

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Languages and Cultures meet the College of Arts and Science writing in the major requirement by completing the following courses: CHI 302 or CHI 312 and CHI 401 or JPN 302 and JPN 401

Study Abroad

Minimum of 9 hours in Semester long (minimum of 10 consecutive weeks) in an approved study abroad program in a Chinese-speaking country. Recommended during Spring sophomore year.


Minimum of 9 hours in Two summers/winters abroad (minimum of 10 weeks total) in an approved study abroad program in a Chinese-speaking country.

Courses can be used to satisfy other major requirements above  - no additional hours required.

It is imperative you engage fully in this experience to succeed in the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)