Chinese Education- Bachelor of Science in Education

Complete at least 34 semester hours above 202 level in Chinese, a foreign language of the licensure field. Study of the selected language begins at a level appropriate to your competence, determined with a placement examination or with a sequence of study prescribed by your academic advisor. All Chinese Education students are required to participate in a study abroad program.

Program Requirements

Foreign Language Education Core
Select the following:
EDL 204Sociocultural Studies in Education3
EDP 201Human Development and Learning in Social and Educational Contexts3
EDP 256Psychology of the Exceptional Learner3
EDT 190Introduction to Education3
Fall field block courses - take all three concurrently:
EDP 301AAssessment and Evaluation in Educational Settings3
EDT 323Teaching English Language Learners in PK-12: Instructional Theories & Practices3
EDT 444/544Language Teaching and Learning I3
Spring field block courses - take all three concurrently:
EDT 421AClassroom Cultures, Community, and Climate3
EDT 445/545Language Teaching and Learning II3
EDT 446LReading in the Foreign Language3
Supervised teaching semester:
EDT 419ATeaching Internship- Adolescent15
Chinese Education Courses
CHI 101
CHI 102
Elementary Chinese
and Elementary Chinese
CHI 201
CHI 202
Second Year Chinese
and Second Year Chinese
CHI 301
CHI 302
Third Year Chinese
and Third Year Chinese
CHI 401
CHI 402
Fourth Year Chinese I
and Fourth Year Chinese II
ENG/ATH/GER 219Introduction to Linguistics3
Select two of the following (study abroad transfer credit may be used); 16
Traditional Chinese Literature in English Translation
Modern Chinese Literature in English Translation
Drama in China and Japan in Translation
Chinese Cinema and Culture
Total Credit Hours80