Latin Education- Bachelor of Science in Education

Complete 34 semester hours above the 102 level; courses related to Latin in the Department of Classics may be used. Complete at least 34 semester hours above the 202 level in Latin, a foreign language of the licensure field.  Study of the selected language begins at a level appropriate to your competence, determined with a placement examination or with a sequence of study prescribed by your academic advisor. 

Program Requirements 

Foreign Language Education Core
Select the following:
EDL 204Sociocultural Studies in Education3
EDP 201Human Development and Learning in Social and Educational Contexts3
EDP 256Psychology of the Exceptional Learner3
EDT 190Introduction to Education3
Fall field block courses - take all three concurrently:
EDP 301AAssessment and Evaluation in Educational Settings3
EDT 323Teaching English Language Learners in PK-12: Instructional Theories & Practices3
EDT 444/544Language Teaching and Learning I3
Spring field block courses - take all three concurrently:
EDT 421AClassroom Cultures, Community, and Climate3
EDT 445/545Language Teaching and Learning II3
EDT 446LReading in the Foreign Language3
Supervised teaching semester:
EDT 419ATeaching Internship- Adolescent15
Latin Education Courses
CLS 102Roman Civilization3
CLS 121Introduction to Classical Mythology3
LAT 201Intermediate Latin3
LAT 202Representative Latin Authors3
Select 3 hours from CLS 200-4993
Complete required 33 hours from the following:18
Special Topics in Latin Literature 1
Latin Seminar 1
Total Credit Hours78

 Note: Study abroad is not required in Latin education