Studio Art - Ceramics, Metals, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture- Bachelor of Fine Arts

This program includes 40.5 semester hours of basic art requirements in the freshman and sophomore years. Upper-class students must earn six semester hours in the history of art at 300 or 400 level, six semester hours in advanced drawing, 12 semester hours in a single studio area concentration with six hours at 300 level and six at 400 level, and 12 semester hours of studio electives, which may be a second concentration or taken at any level.

If you intend to continue into graduate studies in studio art, you should take a 300- and 400-level course sequence in your concentration area and additional studies in the history of art.

Program Requirements

(88.5 semester hours)

Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredit Hours
ART 102 Color Theory and Practice 1.5
ART 103 Creative Practices in New Technology 1.5
ART 104 Problem Solving 1.5
ART 105 Technical Drawing 1.5
ART 106 Introduction to Figure Drawing 1.5
ART 111 Design and Composition 3
ART 121 Observational Drawing 3
ART 187
History of Western Art: Prehistoric-Gothic
or History of Asian Art, China, Korea, and Japan
ART 188 History of Western Art: Renaissance - Modern 3
ART 281 Contemporary Art Forum (maximum 8) 1,1
 Credit Hours21.5
Second Year
ART 221
ART 222
Drawing III
and Drawing IV
ART 231 Painting I 3
ART 281 Contemporary Art Forum (maximum 8) 1
Two-dimensional 200-level studio (take one): 3
Printmaking I  
Three-dimensional 200-level studio course (take one): 3
Ceramics I  
Jewelry Design and Metals I  
Sculpture I  
Select one additional 200-level studio, either 2D or 3D 1 3
 Credit Hours19
Third Year
Studio concentration: one 300-level studio in an area of concentration per semester 3,3
Studio elective outside concentration (200- or 300-level): could be a second concentration 3,3
ART 320 Thematic Studio (maximum 12, repeatable) 3,3
ART 496 Seminar on Theory for Visual Artists (maximum 6) 3
ART 489 Postwar to Postmodern, 1945-1980 3
 Credit Hours24
Fourth Year
Studio concentration: (one 400-level studio in an area of concentration per semester) 3,3
Studio elective outside concentration (200-400 level): could be a second concentration 3,3
Upper-Level Art History Elective 300-400 3
Art Capstone and Studio Electives 9
 Credit Hours24
 Total Credit Hours88.5

Students must also complete all Global Miami Plan requirements.