Business Analytics- Master of Science in Business Analytics

For information, contact the Department of Information Systems and Analytics, 3095 FSB, 513-529-4835

The MS in Business Analytics provides students with the skills and knowledge to excel at data driven decision making in organizations. It includes base level skills and knowledge required for data and analytics necessary across domains and an advanced set of skills and knowledge for decision making in a business context. This advanced knowledge includes machine learning applications in organizational settings, the forefronts of prescriptive methodologies, and applications of artificial intelligence. Students will also engage with practitioners about how analytics solutions are deployed and put to practice in organizations and be immersed in an experiential project to deliver a client based data-driven solution.

Program Requirements 

Required courses:
ISA 512Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence3
ISA 514Managing Big Data3
ISA 591Introduction to Data Mining in Business3
ISA 616Communicating with Data3
ISA 630Machine Learning Applications in Business3
ISA 632Big Data Analytics and Modern AI3
ISA 633Prescriptive Analytics in Business3
ISA 634Analytics Solution Deployment and Lifecycle Management3
Six hour Experiential Component (course is three hours and repeated once)6
Business Analytics Practicum
Total Credit Hours30