Entrepreneurship and Emerging Technology Certificate

For information, contact: Department of Emerging Technology in Business and Design, 209 Laws Hall, 529-1637.

This online graduate certificate provides a foundation to succeed in the technology-driven startup world. Students take two courses in entrepreneurial business models, finance, and creativity along with two courses in digital marketing, usability research, and web programming. They then participate in a deep-dive bootcamp in either tech startups, programming/development, or digital design. 

Program Requirements

Pick Two From List Below6
Entrepreneurship: Venture Capital Immersion
Creativity, Innovation and the Entrepreneurial Mindset
Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Business Models
Pick Two From List Below6
User Experience Research
Digital Branding
Interactive Web Programming
Technology Entrepreneurship Ecosystems
Tech Startup Bootcamp
Startup Development Bootcamp
Startup Design Bootcamp
Total Credit Hours12