Statistics- Master of Science in Statistics, Certificates

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Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Statistics
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Admission Requirement - Master of Science in Statistics

An undergraduate degree with at least a 3.00 (of 4.00) grade point average and strong performance in calculus (at least equivalent to multidimensional calculus), linear algebra, and a probability / mathematical statistics course is required.

 Program Requirements

(32 semester hours)

STA 502Statistical Programming3
STA 504Advanced Data Visualization3
STA 563Regression Analysis4
STA 566Experimental Design Methods4
STA 651Advanced Statistical Methods I3
STA 652Advanced Statistical Methods 23
STA 660Practicum in Data Analysis3
STA 664
STA 665
Theory of Statistics
and Theory of Statistics
Select three additional hours of the following:3
Introduction to Bayesian Statistics
Statistical Learning
Analysis of Forecasting Systems
Total Credit Hours32

No thesis is required.

Applied Statistics - Certificate

Statistics is the language of experimentation and scientific inquiry. Statistics as a discipline provides insights into the best methods associated with the collection, analysis, and presentation of numerical data. Decisions related to the design of surveys and experiments, the collection, processing, and analysis of data; and the interpretation of the results are directly impacted by statistics. Further, these decisions cut across disciplines. This graduate certificate provides a broader exposure to statistics that includes basic background (introductory statistics), essential ideas in modeling (regression and experimental design), programming to generate customized analytic solutions and a collection of advanced methods courses. The certificate requires a minimum of twelve hours of coursework comprised of one course from each of the four areas below:

Program Requirements

Introductory Statistics
Select one of the following:3-6
Behavior Statistics
Quantitative Methods and Statistics
Statistics and Methods I
and Inferential Statistics
Environmental Statistics
Other comparable course(s) approved by the Coordinating Committee
Regression and Experimental Design
Select one of the following:3-4
Behavior Statistics II
Statistical Modeling in Gerontology
Statistics and Methods II
Regression Analysis
Statistical Modeling and Study Design
Other comparable course(s) approved by the Coordinating Committee
Statistical Programming
Select one of the following:3
Statistical Programming
Advanced Data Visualization
Other comparable course(s) approved by the Coordinating Committee
Advanced Methods
Select one of the following:3-4
Special Topics in Computer Science Applications
Special Topics in Advanced Quantitative Methodology in Aging Research
Categorical Modeling in Aging
Advanced Regression Analysis for Psychological Research
Structural Equation Modeling for the Behavioral Scientist
Introduction to Bayesian Statistics
Analysis of Forecasting Systems
Topics in Statistics
Other comparable course(s) approved by the Coordinating Committee
Total Credit Hours12-17


  1. Courses must be taken from at least two departments.
  2. Any upper level STA class will satisfy the Advanced Methods requirement.
  3. If students satisfy the Introductory Statistics requirement based on undergraduate experience, then an additional 3 h of Advanced Methods classes are required.

Analytics for Professionals - Certificate

Analytics describes the extensive use of data to guide evidence-based decision-making. This field has emerged during a time when massively large data sets are being collected throughout society. Analytics lives at the junction between numerous traditional disciplines including information systems and statistics. This program will provide a framework for thinking about the collection and use of so-called "big data" and students will develop skills for handling structured and unstructured data sets and for developing models to predict behavior in data-rich environments.

STA/ISA 635Introduction to Predictive Analytics3
ISA 636Managing Data for Business Analytics3
STA 637Statistical Programming and Data Visualization3
ISA/STA 638Predictive Analytics and Data Mining3
Total Credit Hours12