Mechanical Engineering- Master of Science

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Graduate Program Director
Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
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The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering prepares students for future engineering practice that requires a higher level of mastery in mechanical engineering. It is best suited for individuals with backgrounds in mechanical engineering or related areas such as materials science, biomedical engineering or physics. The degree includes core courses in mathematical modeling, dynamical systems and control, thermal-fluid systems, mechanics and mechanical behavior of materials, and advanced manufacturing as well as diverse options for courses in science, engineering, and mathematics.

All students are required to complete graduate coursework as defined below.

  • Students must earn a total of 24 credit hours in concentration and elective courses (with a minimum of 15 credit hours of concentration courses), two credit hours in graduate seminar and six credit hours of master’s thesis, for a minimum of 32 total credit hours.

Program Requirements

32 credit hours minimum

Concentration and elective courses24
MME 610Graduate Seminar (take twice)1,1
MME 700Research for Master's Thesis6
Total Credit Hours32

Concentration Courses

15 credit hours minimum. At least 3 credit hours must be MME 600-level.

MME 503Heat Transfer 13
MME 512Advanced Mechanics of Materials 13
MME 513Introduction to Compressible Flow 13
MME 532Digital Manufacturing3
MME 533Smart Factory3
MME 535Process Engineering3
MME 536Control of Dynamic Systems 13
MME 570Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering 21-4
MME 595Introduction to Applied Nonlinear Dynamics 13
CPB/MME 612Engineering Analysis3
MME 613Computational Fluid Dynamics3
MME 615Advanced Vibration3
MME 621Finite Element Analysis3
MME 623Mechanical Behavior of Materials3

Students who have taken the 400-level version of this course or its equivalent must select from among other concentration/elective courses.


Student can take special topics which are pre-approved by the department for graduate level courses

Elective Courses

Students choose elective courses in consultation with their faculty advisor. If a course does not appear on this list, it can be approved through a petition to the MME department. 

CPB 512Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 13
CPB 514Mass Transfer and Unit Operations 14
CPB 518Biological Transport Phenomena 14
CPB 519Biomaterials 13
CPB 524Musculoskeletal Biomechanics3
CPB 611Transport Phenomena in Engineering3
CSE 543High Performance Computing & Parallel Programming 13
CSE 616Simulation of Physical Systems3
ECE 525Digital Signal Processing 13
ECE 601State Variables for Engineers3
MME 538Mechanics, Analysis, and Control of Robots3
MTH 532Optimization 13
MTH 535Mathematical Modeling Seminar 13
MTH 632Advanced Optimization3
PHY 537Intermediate Thermodynamics and Introduction to Statistical Physics 14
PHY 551Classical Mechanics 14
PHY 583Mathematical Methods in Physics 14
STA 501Probability 13
STA 504Advanced Data Visualization 13
STA 563Regression Analysis 14
STA 566Experimental Design Methods 14

Students who have taken the 400-level version of this course or its equivalent must select from among other concentration/elective courses.