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Department of Teacher Education
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The Department of Teacher Education (EDT) offers both Master of Education (M.Ed.) and Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degrees. Some of the graduate programs in EDT lead to teaching or supervisory licensure by the Ohio Department of Education. The Department also offers a variety of graduate-level courses and workshops for in-service education and professional development of school personnel who may not be interested in degree programs.

Admission Requirements

To receive graduate credit for courses taken, you must be admitted to the Graduate School. Admission to non-degree study requires Graduate School admission with continuing non-degree graduate standing. Admission to any of the master’s degree programs requires:     

  1. Acceptance by the Graduate School.
  2. Program Admission Requirements for EDT:
    1. Essay
    2. Resume
    3. GRE (MAT applicants only)
    4. TOEFL (if English is not your native language)
    5. Two recommendations

For all programs, apply through the Graduate School at You will submit an application, application fee, and official transcripts along with the documents required by the department, which are listed above.  For further information or questions you may contact the EDT department at

When the Graduate School notifies the department that you have been admitted with appropriate standing, you will be informed of your admission status and assigned an academic advisor by the department.

General Requirements

Following program admission, you will need to develop a plan of study with your advisor’s assistance. You must file a copy of this plan, approved by your advisor, with the department within two months of admission to the degree program. If a plan of study has not been submitted within the required time, it could result in an inability to complete the degree in a timely manner. Your plan must satisfy requirements for your area of emphasis, your division, the Graduate School, and the university. At least 15 semester hours must be earned in 600-level courses or above.

You may make substitutions in your plan, provided that each is consistent with these requirements, is approved by a petition through your advisor, and is filed with the department office as an amended plan of study prior to registration for the substitute course.

A final comprehensive master's presentation defense is required during the last term of course-work for your program. As you approach the completion of graduate course-work in your approved plan of study, consult with your advisor to complete the following required components. The defense will be administered by a committee of three faculty selected by you and your advisor, including at least one other member of the Department of Teacher Education.


Reading Endorsement

(131-16 semester hours)

The K-12 Reading Endorsement can be added to a valid Ohio teaching license upon successful completion of required graduate level reading education courses and by passing the Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) Reading subtest #1/038 & subtest #II/039 both with a qualifying score of 220. Such an endorsement enables a teacher to teach reading in grades K-12 in the State of Ohio. Upon passing the tests you need to complete the application to add the Reading endorsement as a second teaching field. The application is at

Take all of the following:
EDT 603Language, Literacy and Culture3
EDT 632Literacy Assessment and Instruction3
EDT 635Clinical Literacy Practicum4
EDT 642Phonics and Reading Improvement for the Reading Teacher 13
EDT 646Reading and Writing in Content Areas3
Total Credit Hours16

Early Childhood Generalist 4-5 Endorsement

(10 semester hours)

The Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement can be added to a valid Ohio Early Childhood P-3 teaching license upon successful completion of required education courses and by passing the Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) "Elementary Education" Subtest I/018 & Subtest II/019. Such an endorsement enables a teacher to teach all core academic content areas in grades four and five in the State of Ohio. Nine of the 10 hours of the endorsement can apply towards the M.Ed. in Transformative Education degree.

EDT 505Advanced Science for the Elementary School Teacher3
EDT 552Teaching Social Studies in the Intermediate Grades3
EDT 565Learning and Teaching Mathematics in the Intermediate Grades3
EDT 553Practicum & Praxis Grades 4-51
Total Credit Hours10

Middle Childhood Generalist 4-6 Endorsement

This endorsement, including graduate and undergraduate courses, enables candidates who hold an Ohio Middle Childhood license for two content areas to teach one or two of the additional core subjects in grades 4-6. The generalist requirements for each subject are:

  1. mathematics --In addition to MTH 115 taken as a Miami Plan course, students add MTH 116 and either EDT 465 or EDT 565 or EDT 265
  2. science --In addition to the science courses taken as part of the Miami Plan requirements, students add BIO 155 and either EDT 405 or EDT 505, or GLG 244.
  3. language arts -- In addition to taking ENG 111 and the advanced writing course for the Miami Plan, students add ENG 262 and either ENG 304 or EDT 625.
  4. social studies -- In addition to one of these two-course sequences (HST111/112 OR 121/122 OR 197/198) students add EDT 362 and either EDT 452 or EDT 552 or SOC 153.

In addition to the coursework, a passing score on the Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) "Elementary Education" Subtest I/018 & Subtest II/019 is also required.

For detailed information about courses for the MCE generalist, contact the Department of Teacher Education at 513-529-6443.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL Endorsement)

Program Description

Miami's TESOL Endorsement (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) prepares P-12 educators to work effectively with English language learners. Our courses provide real-world understanding and practical strategies to address the linguistic, cultural and academic issues facing English language learners and their teachers in schools.


  • Hybrid format: mostly online with three Saturday in-person sessions at Miami University’s Voice of America Learning Center (VOALC)
  • Take four courses and work with students in your classroom or school for case studies
  • ESL Tutors welcome
Select all of the following:
EDT 612TESOL Educational Policies & Second Language Acquisition3
EDT 614TESOL Instructional Methodologies3
EDT 616Current Issues in TESOL3
EDT 618TESOL Cultural Contexts & Assessment3
Total Credit Hours12

Application Process

Students seeking the TESOL endorsement only should apply for Continuing Non-degree status with the Graduate School, and should contact Jeannie Ducher to sign up for the endorsement. Practicing teachers who are already enrolled in a Miami master’s program may enroll in the TESOL endorsement by contacting Jeannie Ducher.