Athletic Training - Master of Athletic Training

Athletic Trainers (ATs) are licensed health care professionals who collaborate with physicians in the prevention, immediate care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses to optimize physical activity and well-being.  The Athletic Training Program (ATP) at Miami University leads to a Master of Athletic Training (MAT) degree and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). Students who successfully complete the ATP will be eligible and qualified to take the Board of Certification (BOC) examination and enter professional practice. 

Students develop skills in patient-centered care, interprofessional practice, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, health care informatics, and professionalism.  Program curricular content includes such areas as anatomy/physiology, immediate care, foundational skills, examination/diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, general medical conditions, pathophysiology, and health care administration.  In addition to the curricular content, clinical experiences under the direct supervision of a BOC-credentialed Athletic Trainer are required to successfully fulfill the program requirements and to attain competency and proficiency of the required skills.  Assistance is available to all students admitted into the program in finding placements to complete the clinical requirement.  This requirement will be attained through scheduled clinical experiences with assigned clinical preceptors.  Clinical placement locations include Miami University athletics (both varsity and club), local high schools (both Ohio and Indiana), outpatient rehabilitation clinics, and other emerging clinical rotation sites.

The mission of the Athletic Training Program (ATP) at Miami University is to prepare educated professional athletic trainers through academic and clinical education in which students develop competency and proficiency of entry-level skills for successful completion of the Board of Certification (BOC) examination and placement within the athletic training profession.  We seek to advance highly competent healthcare providers who integrate current evidence, clinical expertise, and patient values in practice.

Program Requirements

Required courses:
KNH 591Injury Recognition and Patient Care (Injury Recognition and Patient Care)3
KNH 601Athletic Training Clinical Practicum I (Clinical Practicum in AT I)1
KNH 602Athletic Training Clinical Practicum II (Clinical Practicum in AT II)1
KNH 603Athletic Training Clinical Practicum III (Clinical Practicum in AT III)1
KNH 604Athletic Training Clinical Practicum IV (Clinical Practicum in AT IV)1
KNH 607Foundational Skills in Athletic Training (Foundational Skills in AT)3
KNH 609Emergency Patient Care in Athletic Training (Emergency patient Care in AT)3
KNH 625Clinical Anatomy and Kinesiology (Clinical Anatomy and Kinesiology)3
KNH 626Examination & Diagnosis I - Lower Extremity (Examination and Diagnosis I)3
KNH 627Examination & Diagnosis II - Upper Extremity (Examination and Diagnosis II)3
KNH 628Examination & Diagnosis III - General Medical (Examination and Diagnosis III)3
KNH 636Therapeutic Interventions I - Modalities (Therapeutic Interventions I)3
KNH 637Therapeutic Interventions II - Rehabilitative Exercise (Therapeutic Interventions II)3
KNH 638Therapeutic Interventions III - Pharmacology & Psychosocial (Therapeutic Interventions III)3
KNH 641Supplemental Clinical Experience in Athletic (Immersive Experience in AT)1
KNH 656Clinical Pathology in Athletic Training (Clinical Pathology in Athletic Training)3
KNH 658Health Care Administration and Informatics in Athletic Training (Health Care Administration and Informatics)3
KNH 691Evidence-based Athletic Training (Evidence-based AT)3
KNH 692Evidence-based Athletic Training II (Evidence-based AT II)3
KNH 693Graduate Seminar in Athletic Training (Graduate Seminar in AT I)1
KNH 695Graduate Seminar in Athletic Training II (Graduate Seminar in AT II)1
KNH 697Graduate Capstone in Athletic Training (Graduate Capstone in AT)3
Total Credit Hours52